Small House Plans Save

A home does not have to be large to be lovely and livable.

My house plans are all small (the largest is just under

2100 sq. ft.), but they maximize the use of space and live large.

These plans are ideal for enhancing “green” living

as they use fewer of the planet’s materials and resources

 without sacrificing quality or style. Many of the small

 cottages are well-suited for the use of solar energy.

A Little About the Designer

I am a retired psychotherapist with a passion for houses.

 I started a non-profit to rehab houses for resale to

 low-income wage earners 30 years ago. In the late 1990’s

I took a year-long sabbatical and enrolled in a college

curriculum to learn CAD. I then apprenticed myself

to a residential design group. Since then I have designed

 over 35 houses that have been built in North Florida.

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